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We Meritorious International are located at Sialkot – Pakistan, the colossal city with the power of entertaining the needs and requirements of Leather Garments to the entire world. The Meritorious International is proud to be the part of this spacious business.

We enlisted our firm the Meritorious International in 2005 with Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry. However, our gigantic experience disguise the number of years back to 1990’s before we lay the foundation of Meritorious International.

With the passage of time we master and become most professional manufacturers of Leather & Textile Garments. To retain and provide high level of manufacturing services to our commendable foreign customers, brands and companies. We split single manufacturing unit into following separate parts:

Leather Fashion Attire.
Leather Motorbike Apparel.
Textile Garments.
Leather Feature Gloves.

We keep the comprehensive ability for the production of small and bulk orders with the high level of accuracy, in time completion and warehouse storerooms until they get shipped.

We use the following high quality leather like:

Cow Hide Leather, Semi Analine Cow Hide Leather, Analine Cow Hide Leather, Finish Leather, Cow Mild Leather, Natural Cow Hide Leather, Cow Swede Leather.
Sheep Leather, Cabretta Leather.
Goat Leather, Goat Semi Analine Leather, Goat Analine Leather, Goat Finish Leather, Goat Natural Leather.
Lamb Skin.
Artificial Leather.

Following Textile Fabrics are being used:

Polyester Cordura Fabric, Nylon Cordura Fabric.
100% Polyester & Cotton Lining.
Fleece material.

Our principle production lines are as follows:

Women Fashion Leather Gloves | Skirts | Pants | Jackets, Men Fashion Leather Gloves | Jackets | Pants, Motorbike Gloves, Motorbike Jackets, Motorbike Suits, Motorbike Leather Waist Coats, Motocross Gloves, Golf Gloves, Ski Gloves, Riding Gloves, Cordura Suits, Cordura Jackets, Leather Working Gloves, Leather Driver Gloves, Leather Welder Gloves.

Our Minimum Order Quantity is : 1 ~ 10 ~ 100 Piece | Pieces | Pairs.
In case of Large Quantity Orders: 25000 Pairs Leather Gloves in a Month | while 5000 Pieces Leather Jackets in a Month duration.

We have skilled staff and talented man power working day & night to ensure fabricating high quality products by combining aging procedures and modern day HIGH-TECH technologies.

We urge and cordially welcome you to visit our website and contact us for exploring meaningful negotiations in depth.

Thanking you and have a very nice day.

Qaiser Nazir.